The Technology Used By Dental Professionals

Dentistry is hundreds of years old, but modern technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and serves patients in many ways. From non-invasive, to fast same day treatment, to long lasting results and stunning smiles.

Technology has resulted in new treatments such as laser dentistry, and fast same day treatments thanks to CEREC technology.

In addition to apps which enable patients to stay on track with their orthodontic treatment, and digital simulation technology which enables dental professionals to effectively design a new smile with computer aided technology, and show the patient what their new smile will look like before the treatment has even started, thanks to iTero Element Scanner technology.

Dental practices such as our recommended practices have advanced tremendously, and some are so high tech that patients may think they are entering a technology suite rather than a dental facility.

Treatments are fast and efficient, and patients are able to access comfortable treatments and achieve the best results.

Cosmetic dentistry technology includes Invisalign developed by Align Tech, based on clear aligners which are 3D printed plastic removable braces, which move teeth bit by bit in phases. Aligners are worn for around 14 days before changing up to the next aligner in the sequence. Different systems are available to meet patient needs. Four systems are available – Full, Lite, i7 and Teen. All are for different treatment durations, and Teen comes with wear indicators to encourage the correct wear time.

There have been so many advances in dentistry over the years that it’s now possible to achieve fantastic results without disrupting your lifestyle. In addition to the technology side, there has been a trend towards dental spa experiences based on luxury and incorporating other treatments such as massage and aesthetics.

What would you change about your smile? are you happy with your dental practice? do they meet the needs of you and your family? if you are looking for a dental practice, ask around and see what recommendations you can find. You should also note that you can be registered with a practice and attend another practice for a particular treatment without having to change or move practices.

Not all practices offer all treatments, so therefore you can refer yourself directly for any specific treatment you have in mind, for example orthodontics, veneers and any other treatments. Some patients choose to travel abroad for treatment. Hungary is a popular destination for dental tourism, practices also provide a high tech environment, many with their own dental labs to produce dental implant crown restorations etc. Patients choosing treatment abroad often do so based on price, but they must factor in travel, accommodation and multiple visits. Once these factors are included, treatment in your home country may be the best solution. Depending on what you want to achieve with your smile, you should speak to your dentist who will be able to advise on the best most suitable treatments for you.

Home dental technology has also advanced with sophisticated power brushes and interdental cleaning devices, and UV cleaners. This means that you can benefit from dental technology at home and in your dental practice.

The Merging of Dental And Aesthetics

There has been a strong trend of the combination of dental treatments and aesthetics, this is partly fuelled by the growth in private dentistry. Private dentistry is focused on the health and appearance of your smile, and with patients paying more for treatment, many practices have chosen to add in other related aesthetic treatments. These include beauty and wrinkle reduction treatments, which can also be used to treat a gummy smile.

Some practices have renovated their premises along the lines of a luxury dental spa experience, a move designed to be as far away from stuffy dental offices as possible. A place where patients go to relax and improve their appearance.

This can be a profit centre for practices, who in addition to having their registered patients, will attract new patients for other treatments who may register with the practice for dental treatments and checkups. And for existing patients, practices can attract those patients multiple times for other treatments throughout the year rather than for 6 monthly dental checkups.

Dental professionals are used to performing consultations and smile assessments, and have an eye for perfection. A skill to be able to see what’s missing or what needs improvement to enhance a smile and overall appearance.

Demand for beauty treatments has grown exponentially with the age of social media, selfies and reality TV. Instagram looks are popular and people want to emulate them. In addition to wanting to look their best, people are following trends closely.

A cosmetic dentist will be able to advise on the best treatment needed to achieve a certain result. This could be traditional orthodontics, invisible orthodontics, veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening or other beauty treatments. For minor dental concerns, bonding may be the best option.

For dental treatments, a full treatment plan will be provided and patients requirements discussed. A combination of treatments may be recommended to achieve the best results.

The good news for patients is that dental and aesthetic treatments provide more choices and create a more relaxing environment, taking the chore or lack of motivation to go to the dentist away.

Have you had any aesthetic treatments at the dentist before? would you recommend this treatment? please share your comments and experiences below.

Which treatments does your practice offer? do you want them to offer any other additional treatments?

Are you happy with the appearance of your smile? what would you change? do you have gaps or crooked teeth, any damaged teeth or missing teeth?

Your dentist will be able to advise on all of these areas to improve your smile, appearance and confidence. To find the most suitable practice, ask for recommendations or search for reviews online. Go to the practice website and see the range of treatments offered and make an appointment. Most practices offer a free consultation or charge a fee which is deducted off the cost of treatment. The best practices are busy, and some have waiting lists for appointments so don’t delay, book your appointment now so that you are not waiting longer than you need to.

Is Your Smile Affecting Your Confidence?

Many people hide their smile or feel self conscious when they smile. And nowadays this is really not necessary because of advances in dentistry. Treatments range from invisible orthodontics to small treatments like dental bonding which make a huge difference to the appearance of your smile.

Many adults missed out on braces when they were younger, for a range of reasons. Although teenagers are not keen on braces, the time when they have braces is a time when it’s very common to have braces, as many teens have them fitted.

However for adults, if they do not have braces when they were younger, and it was the norm, they will likely feel very self conscious about having braces in their adult years.

The development of invisible orthodontics has changed this as it’s now possible to straighten a smile virtually invisibly. Invisible orthodontics includes treatments like clear plastic braces which are removable, and braces which are fitted behind your teeth so that they cannot be seen.

Many dentists consider clear aligners to be the only way to straighten your teeth in a manner which is socially acceptable. This is what’s on the mind of most people who want to straighten their teeth, they want to do it in a way that won’t interfere with their lifestyle. At Beautiful Smiles By Design we recommend SAKS Manchester for orthodontic clear braces treatment.

And they also want to be able to do it in a way that is private, they don’t want to broadcast the fact that they are wearing braces.

Some invisible orthodontics are removable, so they don’t affect or restrict the foods and drinks you can have, unlike traditional metal braces which come with many restrictions.

So you can actually straighten your smile without interruptions – so you can get straight teeth and age is no barrier. Cost is less of a barrier too as monthly payment plans are available.

If there is a small problem you are unhappy with, such as shape or a chipped tooth, then bonding can fix this issue in a single visit. If the colour of your teeth affects your confidence, the easiest solution is to invest in a power toothbrush, and follow a good oral care routine at home. You can also use tooth whitening tooth paste for improved results, or go to your dentist to discuss tooth whitening treatments.

Veneers are also a popular treatment, but other treatments are more popular. It depends on your individual smile and what you want to improve. Dental implants and All on 4 treatment provided by practices like Silver Charlton are more suitable for missing teeth or if a patient needs to have a single or multiple tooth removed.

At the end of the day, your smile is your asset and needs to be looked after so that you can enjoy smiling in full confidence. Ask us any questions you have as we are looking for new topics to feature on our blog. Our expert team can help you, and if you have a question in mind, the chances are someone else will have the same or similar question too.

What’s The Best Way To Improve Your Smile Without Going To The Dentist?

The number one recommendation is to brush your teeth for two minutes every day, morning and evening. And to floss once per day. However flossing is not very popular with patients, so there are other leading options which achieve the same results. Options include interdental cleaning brushes, and water or air flossers.

Cleaning between the teeth is important as brushing alone will not achieve adequate results. You can also use mouth wash once or twice a day, preferably a zero alcohol version. Mouth wash can also be placed into the tank of a water or flosser for added benefits.

By keeping teeth and gums healthy, your smile will naturally appear whiter and healthier. This will give you added confidence, and a fresh breath will also boost your confidence, as bad breath can cause patients to feel self conscious.

The most common cosmetic dentistry treatment sought is teeth whitening. This means that the number one concern people have about their smile is the colour of their teeth, wanting their teeth to be whiter.

Tooth discolouration can be caused by staining, for example through drinking and eating dark foods and beverages. This includes drinks like tea and coffee, and red wine, and foods such as curry, tomato pasta sauces etc. Discolouration can also be caused gradually over time, because the enamel is worn away, revealing the darker colour underneath.

In addition to making dietary changes, changes to routine can help, for example you don’t have to stop enjoying your favourite meals. So you could still have a curry, but then just brush your teeth soon after so you get the enjoyment but avoid staining your teeth.

You can also look at teeth whitening treatments such as in office treatments or home treatments. These involve the use of custom teeth trays and the application of whitening gel, which is effectively a bleaching agent. This will lift the shade of your teeth to several shades whiter, but cannot perform miracles. In addition the results will fade over time.

Patients will also need to follow strict dietary guidelines after treatment, sticking only to white foods and clear beverages. This is because bleaching dehydrates your teeth, making your teeth very absorbent to any substances in your mouth. So you cannot have tea coffee, red wine or dark foods like sauces and curries as this will all cause staining which may be permanent.

As results fade over time, home whitening trays are also available to extend the duration of your results. Or you can choose a home solution at the outset.

Many teeth whitening toothpastes are also available, either for use on a temporary or ongoing basis. Other emerging popular products include coconut charcoal which is grey and black in colour, but actually naturally lightens your teeth over a few days and weeks. This is popular and many patients buy a pot of powder or tube of coconut toothpaste on Amazon for use in their daily routine.

These are our top tips for improving your smile without going to the dentist.

Are Veneers On The Way Out?

Veneers have been a popular choice for years, for patients wanting to achieve a broader whiter smile. A trend which has evolved from Los Angeles, where Hollywood smiles are the order of the day.

Veneers can be used on a single tooth, multiple teeth or for entire arches, upper or lower teeth or both. Veneers can fix the appearance of gaps, crooked teeth, small arches, discoloured teeth, damaged teeth and a combination of other dental concerns. However veneers do require tooth surfaces to be prepared, in order for veneers to be placed. This means that the surfaces of your teeth would be altered, in order for veneers to be fitted.

This will invariably damage your natural teeth, as the surface of your teeth will need to be thinned in order to make it more rough so that the veneer will adhere to the surface of your teeth. This can put people off, as the cosmetic dentistry procedure is seen as partially invasive. Therefore veneers are not for everyone.

The advantages are the speed and no downtime, little or no discomfort and instant results. The results are instant because temporary veneers will be fitted at your first appointment, while your custom veneers are made by the dental office laboratory. This means you can walk out with your smile, in progress, and confidence on day one.

Your veneers, often made from porcelain will be custom made by the dental laboratory. Some practices have their own dental labs, and others contract out to a local or regional dental lab. You may need to visit the dental lab for measurements and shade matching, your cosmetic dentist will be able to advise.

The advantage of veneers is the precision in the design and makeover of a smile, as the dentist has full control over the dimensions and overall appearance of your new smile. Leading practices in major cities have full digital simulation available, enabling you to preview your new smile, effectively trying on your new smile.

Some patients consider themselves more suitable for veneers if they need to fix or alter the appearance of a single or small number of teeth, rather than a full set of upper, lower or both sets of teeth. Some patients consider it too drastic a change to have a full mouth of veneers fitted, and would prefer to simply fix a particular problem, such as a mis shapen, mis aligned or damaged tooth.

Many patients prefer a natural appearance and prefer their cosmetic work to be natural and not noticeable, rather than suddenly turning up with a Hollywood smile like Simon Cowell the very next day.

A new type of veneer has emerged, to address some of these concerns – this is called a lumineer. These are ultra fine porcelain veneers which require no preparation, meaning that the tooth surfaces do not need to be altered prior to placing the lumineers.

This is more appealing to patients as there is always an option to return to your existing smile without any alternation or damage.

Veneers and lumineers do not last for ever, and will need to be replaced every 5 – 9 years, depending on care and usage.