The Technology Used By Dental Professionals

Dentistry is hundreds of years old, but modern technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and serves patients in many ways. From non-invasive, to fast same day treatment, to long lasting results and stunning smiles.

Technology has resulted in new treatments such as laser dentistry, and fast same day treatments thanks to CEREC technology.

In addition to apps which enable patients to stay on track with their orthodontic treatment, and digital simulation technology which enables dental professionals to effectively design a new smile with computer aided technology, and show the patient what their new smile will look like before the treatment has even started, thanks to iTero Element Scanner technology.

Dental practices such as our recommended practices have advanced tremendously, and some are so high tech that patients may think they are entering a technology suite rather than a dental facility.

Treatments are fast and efficient, and patients are able to access comfortable treatments and achieve the best results.

Cosmetic dentistry technology includes Invisalign developed by Align Tech, based on clear aligners which are 3D printed plastic removable braces, which move teeth bit by bit in phases. Aligners are worn for around 14 days before changing up to the next aligner in the sequence. Different systems are available to meet patient needs. Four systems are available – Full, Lite, i7 and Teen. All are for different treatment durations, and Teen comes with wear indicators to encourage the correct wear time.

There have been so many advances in dentistry over the years that it’s now possible to achieve fantastic results without disrupting your lifestyle. In addition to the technology side, there has been a trend towards dental spa experiences based on luxury and incorporating other treatments such as massage and aesthetics.

What would you change about your smile? are you happy with your dental practice? do they meet the needs of you and your family? if you are looking for a dental practice, ask around and see what recommendations you can find. You should also note that you can be registered with a practice and attend another practice for a particular treatment without having to change or move practices.

Not all practices offer all treatments, so therefore you can refer yourself directly for any specific treatment you have in mind, for example orthodontics, veneers and any other treatments. Some patients choose to travel abroad for treatment. Hungary is a popular destination for dental tourism, practices also provide a high tech environment, many with their own dental labs to produce dental implant crown restorations etc. Patients choosing treatment abroad often do so based on price, but they must factor in travel, accommodation and multiple visits. Once these factors are included, treatment in your home country may be the best solution. Depending on what you want to achieve with your smile, you should speak to your dentist who will be able to advise on the best most suitable treatments for you.

Home dental technology has also advanced with sophisticated power brushes and interdental cleaning devices, and UV cleaners. This means that you can benefit from dental technology at home and in your dental practice.

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